This is now officially the shortest, most scenic and comfortable route to the Kgalagadi travelling from any destination east of the Kgalagadi (Gauteng, Limpopo province, North West, Kwazulu Natal, Orange Freestate and Northern Province)

Bring your passport and vehicle papers and travel on one of the best tar roads that you have seen in a long time! (no potholes or Metro Police!!)

Exit Van Zylsrus (after an enjoyable stay in our hotelLaughing ) and travel 40km west to the nearest Botswana borderpost (Middelputs). Enter Botswana at Middelputs and travel via tar road to Bokspits (about 180Km). Enter into RSA again at the Gemsbok borderpost and you are a mere 70km from the Park!!

Friendly, efficient and no-nonse border staff wil see you through in a flash and no bribe money is neccassary! The cost is in the region of R150 per vehicle (once-off).